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D&D Performance Exhaust Currently In Development For Victory Vision ~ FINALLY

I have been in talks with the Chief Engineer at D&D Exhaust for about a year now. They finally gave the green light and have been wanting to take on the Vision for some time now. I just yesterday delivered my '08 Vision to them for R&D purposes. They are excited about this opportunity to engineer a quality product with a great sounding exhaust note and performance to boot. They will be holding my bike hostage for the next 4 - 6 weeks during R&D but it's gonna also be nice to FINALLY get some dyno results after the KevinXinated cam upgrade. I've had D&D's on my previous 2 bikes and loved each set. D&D's facilities are about 2 miles from my house and they have always been very open and helpful to me. They are a great company and am very happy to have this opportunity to be involved in one of their projects. For those of you like me who have been disappointed with the current exhaust systems thus far then please assist me as I give owner recommendations to the D&D Engineers. They are requesting any and all input from Vision Owners. I'll keep everyone updated on the progress.


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I will be posting the Chief Engineer's contact info on the various sites soon. I need to check with Aaron to see if there is a specific phone number he wants posted first. I'll keep yall updated. I for one am very excited about this one. Along with my bike (which has the S1L2 Pipes) I also delivered the original ~ Never Used ~ factory pipes. They are going to take it back to stock for baseline and work up from there. Thanks for any input on this guys & gals!

Gadget (Scott)
I am certainly hoping to be able to post as much info as possible. I do know that they are taking her back to stock for a baseline and working from there. I have sent this forum link to their Chief Engineer Aaron and hopefully they are monitoring for input.
I'm looking for exhaust this spring...keep us updated on how your experience goes
Absolutely, I was at D&D's last week and things are progressing nicely. I will post details here very soon.

JoWayne Catt said:
I'm looking for exhaust this spring...keep us updated on how your experience goes

I received a call from Aaron (D&D Chief Engineer) this week and they are very close to completing this project. I have an appt. to go FINALLY see and hear these new pipes tomorrow (Friday) afternoon. I'll post PICS / DYNO / INFO / PRICING / CONTACTS / ETC. as soon after that as I am able. Still a couple weeks out though I would guess. Based on our conversation they were able to do some extraordinary things with the Vision performance. MORE TO COME.......


I was summoned a couple days ago by the Chief Engineer at D&D's to stop by to see / hear the progress on the NEW Vision Exhaust. I finally made it by there this afternoon and was absolutely blown away!! As I was walking to the D&D R&D shop from the parking lot I heard a nice sounding / LOUD exhaust being tested on the DYNO. My first thought was that surely this was another bike being tested. I was pleasantly shocked when I walked into the shop area and saw the Chief Engineer on top of MY Vision on top of the DYNO... I stopped to just take in the moment. Then Aaron was kind enough to show me what they were able to create and show me the dyno charts. I won't advertise the charts just yet because they are not quite finished yet...but I gotta tell ya...THE NUMBERS LOOKED SWEET AND THE SOUND WAS AWESOME!! We are almost there my friends. I'll keep yall posted for sure!


I hear what your saying my friend. I too have had some "not so good" pipes on previous bikes that were extremely LOUD but offered very little by way of total performance. My Vision will make the third different set of D&D pipes on 3 different bikes. I have to say honestly that I have not had a single performance related issue with any of them. Of course these have all been cruiser/touring type bikes. I have never had a set of D&D's on any of my sport I can't speak to that. I did see the latest preliminary dyno chart on these new Vision D&D pipes this past Friday. I have to say that I was extremely impressed by what I saw. Very nice sound/tone & performance at the rear wheel. I know this kinda irks some people but I cannot post these numbers or dyno chart just yet. I made a commitment because this was a prelim and still a little raw. They are going to dyno a totally stock Vision next week (because I have Lloydz cams) and get the base stock reading. Then I will be able to post these charts and allow yall to be the judge on performance improvements, etc. I can tell you that Aaron with D&D's has been in contact and working with Lloyd throughout this process and development. Rest assured that I WILL absolutely keep everyone posted!! WE ARE ALMOST THERE MY FRIENDS!!!!


I have just posted a few pics of my bike on the dyno at D&D's. These images are in my gallery under Gadget. Please keep in mind that these are still a work in progress. I will post the actual finished product once complete. I have learned however that D&D have plans to offer both Black & Chrome finishes and 3 different end cuts..the straight / side slashed / & a top slash to match the flowing lines / curves of the Vision.

I have also just posted a very short VID of my bike on the dyno on my youtube account. My screen name is SEBakers and the link is:
Sorry, didn't realize I could attach pics along with my post. Here are some of the pics I was speaking of in my last post. This is my 2008 VV on the dyno at D&D's. The vids can be found on the youtube site as well as my site on "Flickr".

Sorry I haven't posted any updates in a while but I have been on a crazy schedule at work. I went by D&D's last Wed. hoping to get a longer video shot on the dyno but when I got there they had another bike on the dyno and mine was disassembled to some extent. I am off this coming Mon.-Tue. and will get back up there for a video shoot. So, please be checking early next week for additional pics/vids. They have completed the design and are cranking up manufacturing on these pipes. Getting real close!! :)

I lost my internet connection yesterday before I could post the dyno sheet. Here it is...

I was so excited to finally get her back after 6 weeks at D&D's that took off work early Friday evening and the nice folks at D&D's were willing to wait after hours for me to show up. I rode it home (about 2 miles) and shot the vid and packed her up to ride to work the next day. I didn't realize at the time that we had a dad-gum snow storm arriving the next morning. Anyway, I haven't had her out on the road since I brought her home due to the weather, so I can't offer any observations on riding highway speeds yet. Supposed to be a good day tomorrow so I am looking forward to getting her out on the highway and seeing what she's got. I'll write an additional review tomorrow evening.

Here's the deal so far...I had some popping when I had the S1L2's on her and had purchased the Lloydz IAC & exhaust gaskets. When I picked the bike up Friday I was explaining to Aaron what I was gonna do and he said not to do anything until I had a chance to ride her. He said that he has not experience any popping at all (even on decel) with their pipes. I was skeptical but have to say that I did NOT have a pop one during the ride home last friday. Not saying its completely gone yet until I have had the chance to open her up and ride for a while. I'll keep yall posted on this.

Aaron said that their official roll-out will be in a week or so but they have completed a first production run so the pipes are available now. Not sure of the different prices but I will post a notice when they are available for viewing on the D&D website. I believe Aaron told me that they are going to run slightly over $600.00.

I am NOT a D&D employee or investor but have been a customer for several years and know many of the people there including the owner and have to say that they have always treated me extremely fair. I would recommend them to anyone. The owner told me that they plan to expand their exhaust offerings to include the other Victory models as well in the near future. Their next project is the Hammer. All you CC / CR owners...give em a call!!



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