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purchased a new seat from des at ultimate seats in the usa recently.after nearly 3500km on the bike since purchasing the seat I have to say it is the best seat I have ever purchased for a bike .the quality and comfort is exceptional.Anyone looking to purchase a seat for their crossroads or crosscountry check out their website (

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might want to check that link.

sorry brian the link is

Warren, What was the cost delivered?? Did you consider a rebuild of original first? Did you try a seat here before buying?

I have a 2013 CC and also need a new seat but still trying to decide what way to go. Would it be possible to view yours? 

hi Andrew ;have been through the process with rebuilding seats before and have never been really happy

I didn,t try a seat before I bought it because I couldn,t find or new of anybody with an ultimate seat but I done a lot of research via the vog . forums also I asked des a lot of questions etc before I decided to buy,i think des was getting sick of all the questions in the end .the seat was around 780 Australian dollars delivered with around 200 dollars of that being postage and it arrived within 10 days of payemant .the seat also came with a rain cover which works great. yes it is possible to view the seat contact me via here to arrange a time I live approx. 1 1/2 north of melb

G'day Warren, maybe you can post a photo of it on the bike for the blokes who live further North. I am about 9 hours North of Melbourne. Cheers 

pics of the seat

Warren, could you describe how the seat differs from the standard unit?  In other words - in what areas is it shaped differently, where does it have more/less padding, etc?


I have two issues with the seat on my XR - I'd like a bit more padding under my butt, and I'd really like the "step" up to the pillion seat to start an inch or so further back.  Would an Ultimate seat resolve these concerns?

hi clive the ultimate seat has more padding on both the rider and pillion sections also both sections are also wider than the standard seat .With the ultimate seat there is more support at the rear of the riders area .as for the step up being further back the ultimate seat is the same as the standard seat .hope this helps

Thanks for the info Warren, much obliged.

Good to know.. I'll have a look



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