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Any one out there with suggestions?  I'm trying to get more ride height at the front on my Hard Ball. I've moved past scraping the running boards in the curves on my work commute, and am starting to drag the sides of the chin fairing - a solid and unyielding grind that feels like its close to taking a wheel off the ground.  The contact point is much closer to the front wheel than the back so it seems like increasing front clearance will be more effective (and I don't want to pump the back up too high because I do 5km of dirt road on the commute as well and want to keep as much trail as I can for stability). Any one tried shimming the spring where it attaches to the fork cap? Increasing fork oil level to stiffen the air spring effect? Any Magnum owners who can compare the clearance with the 21 inch front to the other bikes 18?  Most of the grinding occurs on the up hill runs, Obi Obi and Dulong curves, so fork dive is not really the big issue.  Any one know if the Cross Country has a stiffer spring to cope with the weight of the fairing?  Any suggestions welcome (except trading it in for a Diavel).  Cheers, Steve.

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OK, still havent got it sorted, but do have a bit more information.  From the parts list on the official American website, springs in all the 2014 USD forks have the same part number, so no improvement available there.  The Cross Country must ground easily, with the extra weight of the fairing on the front end. Has anyone made or adapted a sping compressor for the forks?

Cheers, Steve.



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