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Hi all, does anyone still go here?

I have been having repeated intermittent problems that trip out the main breaker, 2013 HardBall, 81000 kms.  So far have been unable to find any grounded wiring after the breaker and before the fuses in the loom. Any one with suggestions on where to look?

The breaker resets, in what can vary from 30 seconds to 5 hours.

The worst place for it tripping was at 110 kph in heavy highway traffic, 80 km from home, sudenly no motor, no brake light, no indicators, trying to cut across the traffic and roll into the ditch.

All suggestions (except buy an Indian) welcomed.


Steve Walker Obi Obi

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Hi Steve,

had a similar sounding problem with my CCT. Turned out that a relay in behind the battery wasn't water tight and was shorting out. The problem went away was soon as the mechanic replaced the relay. Hope this helps you.

Good luck


Thanks for the response, Noel. At the back of the battery is the starter relay, with the main circuit breaker on the LHS.  There are a couple of You Tube videos of replacing the main breaker, after water penetration, although they are sealed plastic case units.  I will pull them both and inspect.  Fingers crossed.  My bike gets a bit more water thrown there after I replaced the front mudguard with an abbreviated Hammer one.

Cheers, Steve.



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