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Wanted to know if anyone has put a center stand on a xc if it is easy to use and how stable it is. I thank you for all in put keep your rubber on the road and tank side up

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Hi Dave,

  I have bought one but haven t put it on just yet. I have to put it on and install my upgraded speakers. The quality is real nice though. So I cant say how good it works yet. But I'll post it when I do. 

Had a centre stand fitted on a new Cross Country in Oct 2011, and was aware that it affected cornering but found that it affected cornering to an unacceptable level. Also it did not even lift either wheel off the ground which I had expected so found it to be neither use nor ornament and have taken it off. A waste of Aus $550

I thank you both for your input I'm waiting on a king bagger stand heard good things about it on the vmc I had a 75 honda 400 and a 77 susuki 550 with center stands and used them most of the time don't expect to lift the tires off the ground thats a lot of weight just hold the bike up right wile I climb on have a bad back getting on with the wife on is getting to be a task she has a bad knee replacement and has to get on first befor I bought the xc a salesman showed us how you can climb all over a vision made it real easy getting on and off did some checking and both the xc and vision have the same chasis and share most parts other then body parts even the same kick stand so I thougt great should be able to do the same on the xc wrong bent the kick stand I remember getting on and off the other two bikes I owned wile they were on the center stand hoping it will work with this bike besides liking this bike I bought it because it accomadates my medical condition more room easer to stand up with a load where my kawaski differs asfor my condision isn't getting any better alot was taken from me with two back operations alot I can't do any more in pain all of the time and motion is limited I wont let them take this away from me theres not much left I can do with minamial pain I still need to make frequent stops so for as long as I can find new ways to saddle up and keep riding I will well with this I thank you for your reply keep your rubber on the road and tank side up.



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