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so leave your comments please

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haha the keyboard worrier????? no, good riddens!!!!! 

It may come as a shock for some to hear this from me but I'd have no problem with blackey coming back to the forum, even though, contrary to belief, I had nothing to do with him going. 

I don't think anybody wants him to tone down his views or beliefs just his personal attacks on others.

Some might incorrectly say that you are a woose if you can't take it. I say don't act like the people who are pushing these laws - that is, it's my way or the highway. or some stupid saying like "if you're not part of the solution you must be part of the problem,,,,if you're not first your last."

Blackey didn't get banned for his views, or because he was a martyr or because he stood for the oppressed. He got banned because he broke the guidelines with unwarranted abuse to others.

So yes I'll vote for him to come back, so long as he follows the rules like everyone else here has to.

Boy I can just imagine the responses already.

just went for a ride, best way to clear your head

Ooooo I'm gunna enjoy this!
Endless entertainment on the VRN lately!
Yes Yes Bring Blackey back!!
Ron, it may surprise you to learn that I did not ping, email or contact a mod in any format whatsoever requesting Blackie be banned. Yes I mentioned it as my preference as opposed to watching this forum degrade into a vessel for him to use for personal attacks. Also, as I had mentioned in my post I have several people tell me face to face that he is an alright bloke, just a bit of a pot stirrer, so I called him out, Blackie has for too long turned this forum into his venue to abuse other people for their opinions, all in the belief that he knows better or is more of a real biker than them.

In regards to many of the informative posts he has made, and his own strength in his beliefs, good on him for standing by his beliefs and trying to help educate others on what they may not see that is transpiring in Australia at the moment for bikers.

However at no stage should this mean he should be able to belittle, bully or in any other way or offensive manner use this forum to make other feel lesser than what they are, or to stop others posting their opinions for fear of ridicule.

This forum, while select, restricted or whatever other term you may wish to use is still a public forum, and is in place for "All" persons interested in owning/riding motorcycles and of course with particular penchant for Victory motorcycles.

Now to yourself Ron, when your done stirring the point which seems to be your main preference, and your happy to disclose your true self, I will be more than happy to consider accepting your Facebook friend request, but until then "Triumph Ron" aka Freddy Benson of Dirty Rotten scoundrels fame, I care not what you say or do.

OH YEAH!!!!!!!


i second that

Well said Rick

Blackeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy come back

wtf colon, after he belittled you.

He wasn't the first I believe, was he, but it was ok then

wtf…….when i had a go at you it was because you gave me the shits!!!! with all your victory ass licking!

and you put your tail between your legs, had a cry and left, i was going to leave you alone but your giving me shits again, backing these gutless key board worriers, that get personal and push there opinions and be-little anyone for disagreeing with them. from a far. dose it make you feel tough col????  sorry col, i won't delete it, i wrote it. always happy to ride with you. i didn't want to get personal and have a go at you again. 

Colin, now I'm confused, you try to condemn Lindz for bullying, and yet you celebrate another!



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