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so leave your comments please

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Having only been a member of this forum for a short time. Shit enjoyed his advising abuse, his wit, sarcasm and admired that he stood up for what he believed in stay in touch u Big B (blackey)- WA Victory Riders.

Ha Ha Pissa! oh hang on he dose look a bit Scary! 

he dose a bit, i may need to say sorry to the big fella on Facebook 

Interesting that Blackey gets the arse for the use of a descriptive work and yet someone else places a picture of the same descriptive word and nothing is done. Fuck we have female riders on her as well.

Either apply your cencership across all or don't fuckin apply it all!!!


Thank you, but I don't need a permit to express my freedom of speech, all I need is a bottle of JB and then watch the dribble double  lmao

cream puffs and bon bons have gone now i see

Linzzzzz, did I mention a name, no, but you have my number and always happy to discuss rather than on here. I wont give you a spray cause this isn't the forum for it. All this crap about how bad blackey was and yes he is strong willed in his opinions and belief's etc.

Looks like I need your approval to type my opinion, is that right Linzzz, looks like your no different to Blackey or any other site user.

Using the media as a school yard bully tactic, doesn't make you a better person but it does entertain your audience I suppose.

Don't care if you delete it or not, the question is what made you feel guilty enough to write it?

enjoy your xmas Linz, I wont be replying to any of your responses,

i did feel guilty about writing it, so i thought rather delete it like a coward. i would leave what i wrote and the apologise to you for doing so….

you know, this all started, when personal attacks where made to unexacting members simply making comments.

i and others just tried to put a stop to the personal attacks. in a kind and clear way. then we where attacked and threatened.

we i for one will not lay down and be attacked and threatened in that way. ok, it got a little crazy, and i didn't appreciate your support to the guys doing the offensive attacks...

in saying that. i then attacked you hence my correction.

Happy xmas to you col and shannon xxxooo 


No issue here Linz, I know this stuff was getting out of hand and I am glad now the owners have weighted into the site reminding all of us what it is for.

We all get a little excited sometimes and in my case sometimes my fingers type faster than the brain reaction.

Shan & I also wish you a merry xmas and a safe new year, will see you on the road after xmas man


All I have to say is BRING BACK BLACKEY stop this dictatorship



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