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He may be a grumpy old man, but he is passionate about what he talks about which I admire.  And I happen to agree with most of what he says.

Freedom of speech, people.....

what is it with all the bullshit personal attacks.

It seems to be the same people over and over again.

Does it make you feel better or tougher or maybe you just weren't breast fed as a baby -  I really don't know.

Surely you're smart enough to realise that YOU are the one's detracting from the original discussions.

Good on the others that don't bite back with the same personal attacks.

the best way to deal with children is to sometimes ignore them.

I'm going to take a break from this forum for a couple of reasons -

Some on here just want to belittle others and more importantly I just want to talk bikes and quite frankly the American forums provide better info on these great bikes.

Yes I feel somewhat ashamed to say that last sentence.

Ever notice how the people who abuse and belittle others on the internet never do so in person.

I'm goin for a late night ride.

Really hope this forum gets back on track and starts talking bikes not bullshit.

And for the short of mind, no I don't mean these qld laws are bullshit, I mean the tools that are just tools.


Now your talkin Oppie, I would think the best way to stop it is not to respond, your playing into the hands mate. Even though you don't name anyone, you are just as guilty by belittling all whose who comment. I think we all need to join the "People's Front of Judea" or is it the Judean Peoples Front, what ever Brian want's it to be, he's a very naughty boy   hahahaha  lmao

Blacky,Blacky,Blacky,bring the grumpy old fart back,cause most of us think what he says anyway :-)

bring back blackey bring back blackey bring back blackey bring back blackey bring back blackey bring back blackey

we would be pissed just going over and over, but happy  lmao

A point Bill, seams the majority of us are fully up front here with legit profiles as members of the VRN, Yet some choose to simply be Ghost members under a pseudonym with no legit profile zip nil nada, 'yet' this gives them the right to stir things up? Single out members directly & indirectly? dictate what they recon a motorcycle community forum should talk about? & steer discussions down a degenerative road via a bloody Keyboard, which brings me back to legit member? plant? Or Shit Stirrer? So yer sitting around a table having a beer/coffee? it would be surprising how different people appear/are in that sort of a forum especially the ones that are the generally the loudest- let's not run em out of town just because they speak their thoughts "excessive or not". Freedom of speech/expression/discussion that's what I recon we're loosing here, so simply if ya don't like what someone says, believes, subscribes too politically or otherwise don't bloody read or comment on their writings & move on-

Freedom of speech just as much a right as mutual respect of other forum members.


I don't think the issue is in all cases necessarily the topics that Blackie posted, or that he expressed his views, so to that end his freedom of speech was protected. The issue seemed to more be in line with the delivery, the shutting down of people who disagreed with his views and of course the general insulting and at times slanderous manner in which he delivered many of his posts.


Just because you are online does not exclude you from the acceptable behaviour of a real life community.




OK, you can have a beer as well....

reckon a few words would be said that would start with F and U, but in the end it would a few mates having a heated argument and we would walk away agreeing to disagree.

Actually Keith, in my case there would be more LOL, in real life I swear like a trooper, always have! Online however for some reason I don't, I guess its that fact that there are many people on hear that don't like swearing, or as they haven't met me in person may not know how to take it.

Where the like button that's it -VRN we need a few buttons LIKE, DON'T LIKE, PISS OFF, SHUT UP, complete anonymity at the push of a button  :-)



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