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Hi all, first post so hoping it is in the right section. Anyway, about to place an order for my first Victory, a Boardwalk and have a question regarding the Boardwalks pipes.

I actually like the shape and style of the stock pipes but am less than impressed with their associated note, about as subdued as a nuns fart. I am not chasing a  big dick-waving sound either, somewhere in-between would be nice.

I have read mixed opinions about debaffeling and so probably want to steer clear of that option. I am not really interested in going with the swept option although I don’t mind the sound I just don’t think those lines suit the Boardwalk. Not too in love with the Victory straights option either although if push came to shove I might consider. 

I seem to have read on a few other posts about the place that there are “slip-on” options which don’t necessarily change the dynamics of the bike as much as a full set but, can give you a sweeter note. And so I am wondering if anyone might be able to suggest options in the “slip-on” arena?

Thanks in advance..........

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No problem Mike. once again Tony F. your words of wisdom and knowledge never seezes to amaze me. How does this great man know what to say and just exactly when to say it....

All the best with your new ride Mike

Orrrrr Scotty that's sweet! Ha ha!

Well I took delivery of my Virginal White BW today and alls I can say is OMG! OMG! like just OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


Complete with Victory Stage-1 slip-ons. Awesome OMG OMG OMG!

Well done Mike!



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