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Hi all, first post so hoping it is in the right section. Anyway, about to place an order for my first Victory, a Boardwalk and have a question regarding the Boardwalks pipes.

I actually like the shape and style of the stock pipes but am less than impressed with their associated note, about as subdued as a nuns fart. I am not chasing a  big dick-waving sound either, somewhere in-between would be nice.

I have read mixed opinions about debaffeling and so probably want to steer clear of that option. I am not really interested in going with the swept option although I don’t mind the sound I just don’t think those lines suit the Boardwalk. Not too in love with the Victory straights option either although if push came to shove I might consider. 

I seem to have read on a few other posts about the place that there are “slip-on” options which don’t necessarily change the dynamics of the bike as much as a full set but, can give you a sweeter note. And so I am wondering if anyone might be able to suggest options in the “slip-on” arena?

Thanks in advance..........

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Mike, Scotty here from Victory Melbourne. We have put the genuine Victory Stage 1 muffler kit on our demo Boardwalk and i think after riding all the models with different exhaust options,  that the note and style suits the Boardwalk to a T.

It think it gives it the vintage style sound . Obviously the style of bike doesnt suit a loud crackin exhaust ( more suited to the jackpot or hammer). and you do certainly notice the performance gain.

Anyway that would be my pic of the board.

Enjoy your new Ride..

Well Scotty, I am much obliged for the reply, thank you  and I believe that that is exactly what I would be looking for. I expect to be over in Melbourne on the 12th and 13th of Jul, is it likely you will still have that demo Boardwalk on the floor for me to have a listen to?


And you use the term "young fella" loosely?

Mike we can do one better than just listen to it. if you feel safe that that is the dates you are in Melbourne, i will allocate the bike to you for a few hours so that you can feel the difference as problem at all.

Well I am much obliged I'm sure, and you do Victory Melbourne justice with your helpfulness. A pity some of your Perth counterparts couldn't take a leaf from your book. I thank you for your offer but alas, as much as I would love to I won't take her out as I will have my 12y/o daughter in tow and  limited time. But if it is there I would certainly like to pop in and have a listen.

Flattery will get you everywhere.

hi mike

I took a boardwalk as a loan bike from the Sydney when my crossroads was in for a service it was a nice ride and the pipes they had on it sounded sweet don't know if they were factory or they had change them



Hi Mike, Scotty and Trev are spot on, I've personally heard and ridden Trev's bike and for what your looking for his slip on mufflers sound Awesome but not to loud, look similar to standard but have a larger outlet and VICTORY PERFORMANCE etch'd into them, they are bloody great! They were fitted by The lads at Melbourne Victory but I'm sure if you can't get the WA lot to fit Em? with being just the cans it shouldn't be to much of an effort to fit your self.

Your right Debaffling the standard Cans is not a good idear, far better off just spending the extra cash on a nice set of Pipes/mufflers and mothballing your "expensive to replace" standard pipes for when you sell, trade, or get pinged for noise over the stock compliance noise rating "it dose Happen" "but not likely with the stage one's in question I guess" so then at least you can fit ya standard ones back up, get it sorted, then back to the nice note pipes again!


Hi mike I'm a WA lad I'm sure if you go and see Sean the mechanic at victory, he'll be more than happy to sort it for you never had one problem down there and Sean a nice fella hope this helps in some way, cheers mate

Thanks Rod, is their service centre part of the main complex at VicPark or located elsewhere? Because the dude at the shop treated me more like an inconvenience than a prospective buyer. Perhaps it was the way I had my hair parted that day or maybe he didn't get a bit the night before, who knows, if I wasn't so keen on the Boardwalk I would certainly be shopping elsewhere. But cheers for the heads up.

In the service centre around the corner Sean the workshop boss is a fully trained victory service tech and a bloody nice fella, hey mate if you want to go see him let me know I can meet you and ride down there with you not a problem



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