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Hey all!

In my never ending quest for suitable bling I've come across the banshee airhorn. if you've discussed it on here already pl remember Im old & its early in morn.

Its on the kickstater site & you enter banshee & click on the arrow to listen to the supplier talk & show it.

In  essence its an airhorn that allows your original horn to stay, but if you keep your finger on the button it becomes a blast which also flashes the high beam headlight as well. This would have been very handy for the Indian Magna driver who saw fit to cross double lines & head straight at me on Kosciousko, & just turn away at the last moment.

Secondly, Im looking for a nice chrome piece to fit over the front of the oil cooler on my 09 Hammer S. Can't quite seem to find one anywhere, anyone seen one.

Thank You.

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The Banshee horn sounds interesting. The standard Victory horn is all but useless. I'd love to replace the "meep meep" with something that sounds like a horn actually should sound.

Hi Paulo, you're up late. yeah mate, reckon this thing is the ducks guts. The missus rides & we were coming across Kosciousco (can't remember if I commented about this already) but an indian guy headed straight toward me coming head on. Got the finger to the horn, but in this case it would have flashed high beam at him & got his attention whilst a piecing horn went off.

Go into kickstarter (google) & put in banshee horn. You'll see an arrow to click on once the banshee horn comes up, listen to the 'kiwiyanks' spiel, its a beaut. You retain your horn to have a little bip, but if finger kept on, you get the lot <g>....might just save your life.   James 



I'll try it. i went to a rally (Redback rally) at Charlton at weekend (VIC) & 4 of us had Victory's. The other guys were locals & never came back after the Fri night, I can tell you my black hammer was a real hit. Blokes taking pics & everything. Harley blokes smouldering, how dare anyone look at anything that didn't have a harley on it!

One of the blokes said Victory Only. was another good site. Thanks again!



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