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Looking to buy the Turn Outs and have a quick question for anyone that has installed these on a Vegas/Highball etc chassis. 


I currently have a Cobra Tri-Pro installed, which appears to have it's own custom mount in-lieu of the standard Vic one. I note in a lot of images that the Turn-Outs don't appear to bolt to the old mount. Can anyone confirm this for me?


Had a google for the instructions etc but no dice. All I can do is stare at images and try and work it out which is rather annoying.


My thought process is that if they don't connect to the original Vic mount I will remove the Cobra mount entirely as it appears to be a wee bit larger than the Vic stock mount.


One last thing, anyone used these with a Vic Stage 1 remap? Or for that matter any other after market system with the Sage 1 remap from Ma' Vic? Thoughts? (Yes a full tune/PCV is ideal - and is on the books for the future, just not this very minute).




Big Jon


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The Bassani's do connect to the bikes original mounts.


Just make sure you get the correct ones for your bike and they are very easy to install.


Stop starring and getting annoyed as its all in your head... LOL


Stage 1 map is fine and you will like the swap over but DO make time for a tune ( Both Cylinders ) when you have time.




As per Al's reply, standard mounts, easy install, nicely made. Even the newer version are marginally lower than stock and easy to doof on a curve with a high crown - no major dramas though. Oh, and bring your ear plugs as they are BLOODY LOUD.



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