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Ok so we got the bike now things have changed in the last few years re scumbags who steal !

what's your views on the best locks or way to lock a bike at home or out an about ?

I never worried too much back in the day as was insured for full replacement cover , but that still a pain waiting , so I'm looking at a disk look with or without alarm ?

and is it worth putting in a ground anchor in my garage too ?

Now looking at Roadlok nice ! ! xenia,  abus ( I think iv spelt them right lol) 

Or do I go the old chain and padlock ? 

There is also the data dot , immobilizer , and full alarm 

then I suppose if you really want good old smith&western lol 

your thoughts would be appreciated  Regards mick

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I had ground anchors for 20 years (and still have the supposed uncut-able chain and padlock), and if you (carefully) put the chain through the swing arm and/or frame then your bike is going nowhere unless they cut concrete, which would be their worst scenario. Alarms can be by past, as can disc locks etc. Ground anchors are easy for you to install too. I guess the trick is to just make sure you get a serious chain and lock, like I did.

So if you are after scurity at home then that's what I would do..

Thanks for the reply Kris and yes ground anchor was and is my first option and a good chain , ie Abus , or the like , I mean we spend good coin for our bikes and I see some cheap chain an locks , I'm lookin at 14-16mm chain and kryptonite lock
Regards mick

My theory is always to make it too difficult for the casual thief. If a serious thief wants something he'll take it.

You can keep your bike in a bank vault but unless you don't ride it at some point it will be outside said vault and easy to pinch.

I usually concentrate more on making it hard to get into garage/shed in the first instance.

Yep Andy my thoughts to as first defence , think I'll get a disk lock with alarm too for when out riding if I'm going to park in the street ,Thanks for your reply Andy
Regards mick

My theory is hopefully they will steal one of the 4 million Harleys that out there first.

I don't see any victory parts on ebay so lock it at night to be safe and ride it a much as I can in the day 

Like the way u think Dave pmsl , but they are going to realize that our's are better lol



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