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today bike broke down whilst rideing, eng light lit up back fired,so pulled over turned off the bike when to start up but battery  dead rang syd vic they came out picked up the bike. im on a  hammer 2015 8 ball , anybody else had this problem?

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ya mate,

just order a yuasa battery, it is cheap and good ....

Should get more than 12 months from a battery. It's more than battery, lucky it's still under warranty & in shop.

it was a faulty regulator

regulator was the problem, under warranty all fixed.

Good they found it ... did they put "cat eye" washers on your terminals? These regulators are pretty good, only some broke in the USA from forum members... was the battery changed or still good ? I had to replace mine after 12 months or so ..

the battery was dead, as for the cat eyes no they were just the run of the mill stock terminals, lets hope its all good. riden twice since and no problems.

Not heard of anyone else having this sort of issue to date.............

was a faulty regulator



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