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Anyone use and have thoughts on their AV71 front and AV72 rear?

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Hi James, I've now used 2 Avon Cobras/AM71s. I love the feel of them, nicest feeling front tyre I have used on my HardBall.

No problem with grip, wet or dry, and I ride mountain roads every day, wet or dry, sometimes pushing it hard enough to scrape the chin fairing of the HardBall.  They grip and feel better than Dunlop Elite 3s and Avon Venoms, feeling particularly good in the fast rolling left/right transitions of tight S bends.

They don't last as long as Elite 3s, 10500 kms compared to 14500 kms.

I've not used them on the rear, but have paired the front Avon's with Michelin Commander 2 (frightening in the wet), Dunlop Elite, and Michelin Primacy car tyres (better than you might think, try Googling Yellow Wolf at Deals Gap with friends  and prepare to be amazed). 

Your choice depends on what is most important to you, grip and feel or longevity. Cheers, Steve.

Thanks for the GREAT information Steve. This will help a lot of Vic Riders for sure. I'm personally going to go with the Avon Cobras 71 and 72, front/rear set. Can't see how that can be a bad thing. Almost went with the Commander 2's, but didn't like the grip capability. Ride safe and for long days.

That sounds great James, matched pairs are generally the way to go. I have twice paired the Cobra's predecessors, Venoms front and back.  I was only getting 8500 kms from the back though, and changed in 2015 when I realised I was going to spend A$1000 on back tyres in one year.

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