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Okay I shall throw this out there for the general population,do we in Australia have an annual Victory get to gether?,like they do in the states and for want of something similar like Sturgess,if not,why not?

When I was a mad Buelligan we ran an anuanl muster and voted on locations for the journey,what about if we do not have one,look at starting one?

Thoughts people,and suggestions as well.

Cheers Phil

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thats what I'm looking for Heath thanks mate

Hi Phil

Literally your Victory Muster idea is covered by events recently past.

The last 3 years have seen the Tassie Tiger Tour ''Victory owners'' held in February, obviously an event for all Victory owners/riders across Australia and New Zealand if they wish, plus other brands if they want, with some backing provided from Victory Motorcycles Australia and very successful events indeed.

The 2014 Vic Rally in the Snowy region is an evolution of the ''Tassie tour'' and also organised by the riders & I’m assuming Victory may get onboard for the Feb 2014 event again.

The Proposal is that these two events are biannual, Tassie one year the Vic rally the next but all open for improvement and change or other areas.

Phil it would be great to see you at the 2014 Aus Vic Rally and i urge others to come have a great ride, time away and meet other likeminded Victory Nutters, these events are always organised by a small group of hard working riders and your enthusiasm you would be welcome I’m sure to help with future events if you wanted to be more involved.

Note we have no real set organisation of people that set up these events, just a handful of hard working enthusiasts that put em selves out there to provide us all a great event to be part of for sure, it’s all pretty casual, open and obviously works very well but certainly open to others to help with organisation if they wish, more the merrier.

Considering Victory Motorcycles have only been in our country 5 years now its bloody amazing how the brand has grown solidly with a very strong following that’s ever increasing as we speak.

Our events may not be like Sturgis just yet but let’s work on it!

Victory’s Rock

Well said Tony, your involvement with the tourism group is helping you combine thoughts and words at which I'm pleasantly surprised seeing you ride a Jackpot when you know Hammer's rule.

Now Webby, you really know the truth about who rules the roads... hahahaha !!

Thanks Jason, I was stuck for words on this one, Not! ;-) LOL !

Thanks Tony,always happy to lend a hand if need be,and work permits,let us know if I can be of assistance and I sure will endevour to be on this run with you guys



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