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Can you see anything or are they useless?

I want to change the stock plastic for these or maybe the Stealth II mirror with the sapphire match the blue on the Hammer.

Not too many black mirrors out there that don't look crap.

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Hey Andy, I have the small ness four point mirrors on my Jackpot, they are pretty much useless. But when you twist your right hand, who's looking in the

Good point Matt. It's not like I ride in traffic, my nearest set of lights are 65 km away and there is only about 4 sets in a 180km radius. 

Then again I do like to be able to see whats coming behind for those times I am accidently doing 160 or so.

I run them on stock bars currently,but have bought a set of Ness 12"apes for the beast,they should work well then,as for now,useless as tits on a boar pig!

I have them on my Highball and even with them up high i cant see shit!! I'd advise getting the bigger ones

Well that's 100% negative so far.....looks like the Drag Specs Stealth II might be the go.

Dont get me wrong Andy, the micro mirrors do look best when the bike is

I have V BARS and mini ovals and my Hammer , no drama ,you soon get used to their size



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