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High Guy's,

Just putting it out there , Is anyone interested in a set of 8 inch rise, 8 inch pull back x 1.5 inch fat

handlebars. They are also Chrome and brand new.


They fit Vegas, Jackpot, Kingpin, Hammer and 8 Ball.






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Hi Johnno,

I am away from Brisbane on business and i will be back on Friday.

I will post pic's for you then.

In the mean time i have attached this pic as it shows what they are.






33 inch wide.


They cost me all up just under $300 ( Bars and freight ) you can have them for the same price but you pay the freight from Brizzy to you.





This will have to wait until i get in to the office on Monday M8 as i need a box to give the shipper some dimensions.


I tried to get my secretary to find out but she's bldy useless.




Look good Johnno , pity not black !! As we all know blacks the new chrome !! haha

I don't think a side pic will help you as it doesn't really do anything.

When you say to far back, Do you mean to close to you or to close to the triple trees.


How tall are you and what is your arm reach ?






So your what they call a Strapping sort of a bloke then lmao.


Your my height and my arm is a 30 inch seam. ( Your that twin brother my mother always talked about ).


The middle of the bar stops just on top of the petrol cap and the widest point of the

bar ( were your hands are ) looks like it ends about 2 inches past the petrol cap ( towards

the rider ).


The best way for you to figure out what you need is to loosen off the handlebars and get them in to a position you would like then calculate as per the following,

  • 1

    Start at the tip of the left handlebar and measure straight across to the tip  of the right handlebar. This will tell you the width of the  bars.

  • 2

    Place a ruler along the bottom, flat area of the handlebars to determine  their center width.  Do not measure beyond the flat area; going too far and  measuring into the curved portion of the bars will result in an inaccurate  measurement.

  • 3

    Determine the height, or rise, of the handlebars by standing them on a flat  surface and measuring from that surface vertically to the bars’ highest point.  You may need a friend to help hold and stabilize the bars while you  measure.

  • 4

    Measure the pullback of the handlebars by starting at the center of the bars.  From the center, travel along a straight line to the point on the handlebars  that are closest to the rear of the bike.


I hope this helps.




Here's the best one i could find for you to get some idea

I realise the bars have are not Rambo Bars but this is the closest lookn i could get u.



Nice video al, i like the look of the two bikes,  it will give johnno a chub. lol

To Easy.

I think you need T Bars m8.

Let Ian know i haven't forgot him and i will send the pic's of the conversion

once i get the bike finished.

Unfortunately the hold up is the fender as i have finished all the machining

etc to get the conversion to work but i was let down by a company called

Thompson Choppers in the States that kept promising me that the fender

would arrive NEXT WEEK and after 4 weeks of the same song Paypal

decided to cancel the contract and got my money back.


here's hoping that Twisted Choppers deliver as they have said the fender

will leave tonight. YEHAH.



Welcome to my world Alan, hope you get your rear guard sorted.



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