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Hello folks I think this may of been done before...but any suggestions for an aftermarket exhaust system would be very much appreciated. Bassani sound good

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What bike are you wanting to put it on,there are many suggestions,but you need to give us some idea!I own and XC with a 2-1 Rusty Jones Flame thrower pipe onboard,but it's loud,it's obnoxious,and I like it :-)

Hi Phil sorry I have a 2014 Boardwalk I prefer load but backfires give me the shit
I meant loud

I run a RPW Thor 2 into 1 on my Highball , great note and helps with performance . Nice deep rumble while cruising ,crisp bark when hard on the throttle . Lloyds also do a good 2 into 1 , and I think supertrap now do one for Victorys . With a V-twin you cannot go past a 2 into 1 . Short pipes rob HP . Cheers

Cheers Mick

Steve not sure how long you have been a twin owner mate,,the biggest disadvantage is the popping/backfiring on decel with our bikes,it is part of owning one,and have found you either like it or loathe it,but the one thing it is,is hard to get rid of,especially with an after market loudish pipe.

possibly the best thing would be stay with a baffled pipe and not much sound,that way you stay legal and away from the law,as I said before,I had Buell's prior with after market pipes,once again loud and obnoxious,maybe look as bassini pipes or some one like stain tune,they may make a pipe if enough people want them,they will some times give you a free set if your bike is the test bike for the design as well.

Thanks again for the info. I have had 4 Vtwin and decel has not been a real problem with those my first victory though. I will look at Staintune though I did not think of them.
Cheers again

Dennis Foran on the Central coast does custom pipes as well,he did my Buell pipe for me,not cheap but bloody high quality work all round,and he builds them in Stainless

I have the rpw thor on my vegas.

I have been thinking of going back to std as its a bit loud for my liking

I would let it go for 500 

Sorry Ben I am in the NT shipping would be the pits.
G'day Steve.. As a couple of mentioned the sound of decel popping drives me nuts.
I ended up a happy man by cutting the baffles in half (just kept the end section).. The result was grouse. A fair increase in db'd but no decel popping whatever.. It's a cheap alternative and worked well with the stage 1 factory tune. Soccer mum's in their suv's well and truly hear me coming.. Didn't lose anything down low and picked up a bit of midrange grunt.



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