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Hi everyone, any advice would be appreciated, I'm looking to put a fly-screen on my victory and wondered if it would make much difference to the wind factor? thanks

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If your going to put a screen on go for the smaller one as all you need to do is divert the airflow. The bigger ones can at times act as a sail.........

Thanks for that, I wondered if they made a difference or not, think Ill go ahead and get one :)

hi jude

i have a cross roads and have a tall screen it great keeping all the bugs off  but at 120 you do get a bit buffeted a bit but thats up to you

Hi Dave thanks for the advice, Love the look of your bike :)

Hey Jude
I fitted a small bikini fairing to my Jackpot and it works a treat
Also some are tinted to match your bike

Thanks for that, it looks good on your bike :)

Hi Jude, I have the Victory flyscreen (with the Hammer tail peice fitted), it's great for keeping the wind off your chest but thats all.

Hi John, it looks great, love the pics you have posted on your site, so hard to buy extras here in NZ ,everything has to come from the States, going to get one now tho, just wanted the wind factor down a bit, thanks for your input :)



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