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Just looking at upgrading for a Yamaha XVS650 to a High Ball and would appreciate any feed back on this bike I am a 47 year old that rides on weekends on country cruisers with mates in SEQ QLD  everyone has a Harley but the Victory seems to have the edge on power price and looks. thanks for any feed back

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Awesome bike, can't recommend it enough. I stepped onto the HB from a Ducati and I'll never go back! Loads of power, comfortable on the highway and has some real poke through the twisties! Great for customising if you're that way inclined

I'm on a Vision but I wouldn't ignore the 1200cc HDs.  Highball would be better than the big Harleys.

Mate I went from a XVS650 to a Highball about a month ago and I am 45 and just ride with my mates up in FNQ on weekends as well, so basically I was in an identical situation to you.  Couldn't take the Highball for a ride before buying it but was able to take a Gunner.  Due to my height I went for the Highball with a set of Freedom Pipes.  Absolutely love it, and I have a smile on my face every time I start it up and ride it.  You won't be disappointed and you also won't be left behind.  The highball gets a lot more comments then all my mates bikes with their Harley's.  Goes hard, handles well and stops and is well priced.  What more could you want.  Go for it and have fun, you only live once.

Thanks Brian for the advice i will be taking the Gunner and the HB for test rides.

Hi Brett, as other members have said they are a great bike and the 2015 models are now also equipped with ABS. The Brisbane shop has a couple of demos so if you want to try one out pop in or call (632 Wickham st in the Valley or 3363 5400) and take it for a good ride to find out how much fun they are. The Gunner is very similar in terms of ride, though bars and peg position are very different.

Look forward to seeing you on one in the near future.



Thanks Adrian,

Been in recently and took the 2014 HB for a test run was chatting will Billy and he has been very helpful, i will be back to take the Gunner for a day and then the HB for a day as i just want to try the difference between the 2 (bars, foot pegs), dont fear have decided on my brand of new bike and its going to be a Victory.Just not really fussed on the 2015 colours like the 2014 flames and the white on the tank models. 

I went from a HD Street Bob to a Victory Highball ,best move I have made in awhile ,they go hard ,stop and handle well for a cruiser ,feel stable even when scrapping the pegs . Harley riders do get tired of looking at your tail lights though ,Ha Ha . Do it and you won't look back or regret it . I'am 55 and have just over 22,000 km on great fun on mine.Cheers

Thanks Mick, i also was looking at the street bob but recently took a HB for a run and loved it 

Good choice Brett.  Just throw a nice set of pipes on it and it will look and sound awesome.



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