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Hey folks

My Hammer's rear suspension is rock solid - I road a Dark Horse recently and was blown away at how much softer/comfier it was. So I'm guessing I need to adjust the preload/rear suspension on my 2014 Hammer 8-ball. However, to do so I've read you need a special tool. Would you guys mind answering me:

1.) Do I indeed need to buy a special tool, or will any adjustable wrench do it? Witch Doctors sell one for US$40. Benefit of buying it is I can adjust my ride for different uses ie a weekend overnighter with little weight vs a week long trip with 20kg in saddlebags and extra fuel.

2.) Will the Victory store do the adjustment for me, and if so how much will it cost? I'm wondering if I should get the first one done there, so I can see exactly how they do it, and then I'll be able to do it myself from then on? Or is it simple enough that I can tackle it solo straight away?

Looking forward to your replies.

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I bought a shock spanner from MCAS cost $15 works perfectly remove seat ,side cover & slide brake fluid canister out of holder then simply ajust, your owners manual will tell you the correct distance between bottom of the frame and the ground for the right setting to suit you weight

Might I suggest replacing the shock,ive fitted a Wilbers to my Vegas from suspens r us..

Many other use the progressive , will cost best part of a grand to do though

Thanks Steven - can I ask what the exact name of the product is? 

Shock adjusting tool you can find it in the Harley /custom section at MCAS



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