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Greetings all;

I would like to locate all Victory riders in South Oz. There is a HD Club in town and I figured there should also be a Victory Club as well. Is there one already existing?

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there should be, if not kick it off Alan

Will do Blackey

G'day Allan, Just saw your post. I don't know of any club here but I'd be interested if there was one.

hi allan if you start one here in adelaide i would also be interested.

Count me in! 

Alan, I would be interetsed to join an Adelaide chapter. Just read your post.

Feeling like the Lone Ranger out there. Only ever seen 3 other Victory's on the road, yet to see one in the hills. Saw a Hammer on a test ride in Strath last year, that's about it. 


ok, so how do we get this up n running? 

I just had a look on Facebook and noticed Victory Adelaide has a page and has been doing some stuff. Maybe that's a place to start? I'm happy to set up a FB page just for Adelaide Riders if everyone agrees. I could probably set up a website at a later stage if the momentum builds.

Lately I've been riding with my partner who has an R1 and a couple mates on HDs but it would be great to have more Victory's along with us too. 

Some thoughts from you guys would be great. 

Count me in, in fact I am about to ride off into the sunset on my Cross Roads.

I live in the Mt Barker area and a group ride sounds like fun. A facebook site sounds great as well.



P.S. do Strath most weekend for breakfast around 10am :-)

Cool.. Good to know Chris. I'll be in touch to round everyone up. Cheers

Hey Glen, thanks for that info. I didn't know there was a Club with Chapters for Victory Riders. I'll look into it.



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