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Picked up new bike yesterday and ABS light will not go off. Has anyone encountered this problem before?  Manual says, if lamp continues to illuminate after vehicle speed exceeds 10km/h, the ABS system is not functioning. See dealer promptly for service. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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my abs light stays on after washing the bike, after riding for a few ks it drys out, but the ignition needs to be recycled and it goes off when 10 kph is reached, i will have the service dept look at it next service.

Brian, Thanks and yes I will get them to look at it but still not sure if ABS is working or not.

ABS light on my water truck at work does that , obviously a Bike has less wheels ,Try  unpluging the connectors and replug them sometimes dirt and moisture affect the connections. if that dont work then you can go to the dealer and have him plug the diagnostic tool into your bike and read the codes.

Big D,

Thanks for the reply. Dealer is picking bike up today (hopefully) to check it out.  

Just a thought on what ABS means , Another Biker Screwed !! I hate ABS systems. Have a great day on that side of the pond, i cant wait to pull Ms. Vicky out of her hibernation and feel the wind across my scalp

I have had the same issue for the past 8 months, Victory Brisbane replaced the sensor, still did it so they have finally found a loose connection in the wiring are are fixing it at the moment so hopefully I will have my bike back today with working ABS. Will be weird as I've been riding it for the past 8 months with out ABS.

Bike back all good so far. They decided to just replace the sensor as the light kept going on and off when workshop had the bike.Good luck with yours. Does the inside(bottom) of your saddle bags get that hot you cant touch them?? Thanks for reply 

It sure does, I've put heat shield under the panier and a thin layer of insulation inside it which does help a bit.

My ABS sensor did the same and they replaced it but still did it, they chased the issue to a lose wire in the harness and are currently fixing that. Its in at Victory Brisbane, get your guys to call Ron or Roberto, maybe it might help with yours if it come back on again.

I don't use a hose to wash any more after the ABS light stayed on after gentle hose washing. I suppose a bit of research and we could find where the ABS sensor is located and perhaps avoid directing water there.

I have a vision and on a long trip the saddlebags could be used as a pie warmer.

First service due soon and I will be changing exhaust. Maybe this will help eliminate some of the heat. Will also get the service crew to check it all out, as I don't believe Polaris would accept this as normal?? Right side panier gets a lot hotter than the left. Will post results after first service completed. Pie warmer, mine was that hot I could have fried eggs.



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