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Did a search but could not find much on this locally

I am in process of upgrading amp and speakers on my XCT

I would like to add good 6.5" speakers to my fairing. Can those who have tried this let me know what you found work/didn't work

I recently emailed Rockford Fosgate to check clearance on their 6.75" T1675 with PMSA675 adapters which they are promoting/installing at Sturgis in HD next month. They replied it wouldn't fit. So now setting my sights lower on 6.5".

Anybody got some local experience?


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If you ar not a member of the Facebook victory forums I suggest you join them,the boys over there are way ahead of us,but on that note,I upgraded to a clarion marine amp 300w and went the 5.5" kicker speakers from JB hi fi.

As yet I have not put extra speakers onto the bike,but fark me,what a difference it made to my XC,clear,loud,and all of the above.

I can still hear clearly at 100kmh and above,as well as over my exhaust,and it's loud.

Thanks for the reply Phil. Yes the amp will make a big difference to clarity and volume at speed.
I have the Rockford specialist coming to see me today with a few speaker options to try to fit the fairing. Pretty good service I reckon. Will advise here what we find.

I want to go the bag speakers as well,probably 6 x 9 just need to decide on lid supplier,and will probably put another amp and bigger speakers up front,what I did find is I wrapped heaps of sound deadening material around the pods in the fairing,so now all the music is radiated towards the rider

I did same, put a lot of dynamat on the pods and inside the fairing (dynamat Batwing kit). No resonance on the knock test on the fairing now.
The t400x4ad amp is a beauty and did not affect my FM reception (as D class amps can).
I bought 2 x PBR300x2 amps just in case it did ruin my FM, but now I can sell these. Call if you want



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