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Are these Kewl Kits available here in Oz ??

And Has anyone ordered from USA?

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Nice bike Tony.

See Ians,has the 26inch front rim and twin brakes up front.

Yours is a Hammer ?

Im thinking im going to start with a hammer but would like this 45 raked set up with twin brakes ect.

Is inverted forks still possible here in your opinion with 21 inch rim Ian?.



Cheers Ashley, Mine's a Jackpot 26' billet Anvil Front too, yep single disk works fine with the 26'-
Ian's is a Hammer his kit suits the USD a Forks that are standard on the Hammer-

OH i see the number plate too VAGAS!

do the front forks need to  be altered?...Lengthened/shortened ?.

Your ride is sweet .Does it handle well at higher speeds when you give it a tickle?.

Id love to ring it s neck and feel the torque of these bikes.




A KM kit has new triple tree's & clamps they are designed to accept the standard Jackpot or Hammer "both separate Kits" fork legs and lowers, no modifications on those are necessary.

Obviously the 45' rake slow's the handling ''Cornering'' but increases the straight line stability, add the fitment of a 21' 23' 26' rim to the eqation and that increases that again, having said this when you build this style of bike its want you expect.

Yes Victory's have a huge amount of Torque standard and with a relatively small amount of extra investment, Fuel controler, Torque Tubes, Cams, you can increase Torque & horse power dramatically and not loose any of the reliability these engines are proven to have.

Check out LLOYDZ MOTOR WORKZ he's a US based Victory Guru- 



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