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Are these Kewl Kits available here in Oz ??

And Has anyone ordered from USA?

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Have you checked out They have raked trees called the "game changer"

It keeps the same trail numbers etc at standard so the bike will ride the same.
I purchased mine through the Melbourne store, I'm sure you can order it direct. Now here's the heads up, before I purchased mine a did a lot of research and found that there's been a few people having issues with the chroming with the kewl kits, so this is why I chose to go through the Melbourne store, yes they put there bit on top but it gave me insurance that if I had issues I could go to them rather than deal with a company on the other side of the world. And I'm glad I went this route as I had problems with mine and the Melbourne store sorted it out for me.

Who is the melbourne in perth.

You did the 45 degree rake ??

Cheers rob


It's the Melbourne Victory/ Indian store , and they initially fitted it but I've since pulled it off and refitted it , it a piece of piss to do yourself.

Yea right.

Was the removal due to the poor chrome work finish and they had it re done for you?

Rake d 45 front on the Hammer or jackpot with the 18-21 front rim does look different .

Reackon the jacpot has the better look ,more chopper type but the Hammer twin brakes inverted folks cant be sneezed at.

Can see clearly now why the HAmmer /Jackpot rule members abound.

Cheers again Rob


Hey sorry oppie

Did see your post.

.When i looked at that sight just seems set up for the Vision/CC.

It was just a brief look however.Some nice rides with 30 inch front wheels.



Ps is that you on that bike ,shirt off n all?

Yes it is. That's what the wind does to you at speed. When I'm not moving I look more like brad Pitt. Hahaha


Sweet Rake that 45 but anything over than 40 and our Qld coppers will have us.

Enjoy that Semi Easy Rider feelin.






I did not know there was a problem with chrome 

I just dropped my Hammer off beacase all the chrome is falling off the tubes 

Getting it all re done at my cost not knowing there was a problem 

HMMM !!! 

What are the laws regarding raked front fork s here in WA.

Anyone know?

I think the chrome issue s Ian, where from the earlier Kewel Raked front ends.Think it s all sorted now.

Think mine is one of the first few

Hi Ashley

I got mine just over 3 years ago, i nearly ordered it direct from Kewl Metal, thank god i didn't & got it through Victory Melbourne as after 8 months all the chrome fell off as did 3 other kits that were imported, Kewl metal wouldn't follow up on the Warranty's and Victory melbourne footed the bill to have the 3 kits rechromed at there great expense, They were simple the retailer not the manufactrer, needless to say they don't handle KM gear anymore.

As for the overall engineering and quality of the Kits its out standing JUST SHIT CHROME I've researched cases of this in the UK, USA, Europe, etc etc all having major troubles with the warranty and rechroming of there kits, on the other hand i know of a few that have not had chrome trouble as yet but beware.

Hopefully one would like to think Kewl Metal has addressed this issue recently but do some research ''APPARENTLY NOT.''



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