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Just a heads up if you haven't heard, the police fined a guy for having his camera attached to his helmet. Also a loss of a demerit point(s).

Yep unbelievable, what harm is there really?!

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I don't think that will hold up in court.

just finished reading this one                                                                                                                            

Haha well if they are retro fitted then there's no way they can ping anyone.

This is just me imaginationing but it could be possible that the rider used self tapping screws to secure it to his helmet. Let's assume the cops are reasonable blokes and don't care if you use the suction kit provided. Why would they issue a ticket to this one bloke? Maybe he is dodgy and the cops knew it was a stolen camera but couldn't prove it, and gave him a ticket for banging a couple of self tappers into his noggin'. Like I said, I am imaginationing but there are some really dumb humans out there and some ride bikes.

It seems ridiculous, if you watch the video and hear the audio from his camera they didn't discuss how it should be mounted the police pulled him over and said the camera mounted on the helmet makes the helmet non compliant.
Sounds like you guys on that side of the pond have the Gestapo there also . I don't know Australian law but that crap usually don't hold water over here.

if you think that is bad check out the discussion on VLAD Laws. what rights !

Here in Utah in the states i don't have to wear a helmet if i don't want to , it is optional . If im just puttin around town i usually don't. But if i get on the big road and start pushin 85 i make sure i got it on. On a ride with the group i have my go pro on the helmet, i used velcro . I got 1 on the bars (velcro) and a digital cam on a long lanyard hanging from my neck so i can get pics up close of the other riders. Ill go and look at that vlad law section . Just read that Vlad law stuff on that link , i think ill just stay here as i happen to be National VP. I'm not a criminal but that law you guys have over there kinda sounds like it wants to criminalize law abiding citizens just because they belong to a club. Thats FU**ED UP !!!!



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