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I'm looking for an intecom that I can use on my Vision (not the CB/Intercom that Victory sells) I've looked at Chatterbox and J&M a little but would like to hear from riders that have tried these or other brands and know what their highs and lows are. Any comments would be appreciated!!

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We also use the Scala Teamset & it works fine for driver/passenger communications. I have not tried the Bluetooth for the cell phone, as I ride to get away from calls.
Luke & Laura

Rick Gunder said:
Michael said:
I am using the Scala Rider Teamset. It is a bluetooth headset, that also connects with my cell phone, although I mostly just use the intercom. It works relatively well, although the volume could be a bit louder. I had a problem with it at highway speeds on my Harley (really loud pipes), but it seems to work fairly well on my Vision. It installs easily on each helmet (if I can do it, anyone can do it), but because of its position, I ultimately bought the extended microphones for each helmet to keep the mics right in front of our mouths.

I have been using this set up for several months, and it works fairly well for me. I really like that I don't have to add anything to the bike, or to be hard wired to anything. And from what I have heard about the intercom/CB for the Vision, I am really glad I am using the Teamset. By the way, I got it through at a better price that other retailers.

Good luck.
I used the Super Autocomm for a year. The downside is that you have to plug in to use it. Bit of nuisance when you need to get off the bike frequently, otherwise it worked well.

This year my brother & I have been using the Blueant Interphone bluetooth system. We both have them paired to our respective cell phones, & to each other. We chatter constantly while riding & the sound quality has been great.

The downside is that battery life is less than 5 hours for talk time. However, to get around that on long trips, one of us turns our unit to standby, which greatly increases the time we get out of the battery. We just hand signal each other when we want to talk again. Works for us.



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