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Hey has anyone had any problems with bike slipping gears. Out for a ride yesturday and had problems with gears continually slipping after each gear change


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Troy do you mean jumping out of gear? or actual clutch slip? do you have a Cable clutch lever or hydraulic? could be a stiff corroded cable inner not letting the clutch disengage correctly, same principle with hydraulic 'blockage' not letting fluid drain back after engaging clutch, have you changed the oil lately? sometimes incorrect oil can add to slippage?, or been doing any thing like trying to do burn outs and have cooked the clutch plates/inner springs? all these factors have caused clutch slippage on some Vics over the years. check these issues out, if its still in warranty ask the dealer.

Hey Tony when changing gear bike seems to only parcially go in as when you throttle up again it just revs and goes nowhere. Bike was brought from an importer and only done 500mls at the time of purchase, after several issues with bike have subsequently found bike has either been crashed or dropped heaverly. Just wondering now if their is something more sinister going on which perhaps relates to the mishap. Abit of a piss off as I thought I was buying a new bike.

That's not good Troy, yer sounds sus, I've only ever heard of a couple of Vic's developing gear box trouble it's rare, did it ever work right or just done it since your first ride sounds the case, if it doesn't feel like the selectors going it's full travel well there's alarm bells for sure, mate I'm not that savy on major issues with gear box's hopefully Someone else will tag in on this before you start striping things down- as I said major problems with Vic engines and gear box's are very rare so accident damage could be the cause as the gear lever shafts are very vulnerable, they can either brake off, bend, or worse punch into the inner case, this would cause selection troubles, anyone got any idears?

Do a random google search mate see what comes up, you may be able to put a question up on the Facebook "victory owners group" I guess you need to be a member on that but you may be able to ask a question, then there's the global 'Victory motorcycle Club' you have to join that but there heaps of links forums, tech groups. Good luck hope you get it sorted- always a risk buying imported

Tony thanks for the feedback will do some research, 

troy check when the lever on the gear box moves in comparison to the the lever on the handle bars, you should be able to pull the lever about 2 to 3mm before movement at the gear box end of the cable. if no free play you can adjust the cable to give the correct free play.



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