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My 2007 Hammer has 1300 miles and recently has started to stall when I idle. It was running fine then all of a sudden this problem started. It has fresh gasoline, clean oil and air filter..


Can any one help. please?



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Clean the throttle bodies.

Look at your IAV valve its behind the right wedge. It might have a line off or it might be shot.

Its a valve that 3 lines go into. sorry i have no photo

Johnny, I checked the valve and everything seems to be attached.. I am dropping it off at a Victory dealer tomorrow to have it serviced. Thank you for your response..


To any one that reads this, I now know why my bike was stalling. The air intake manifold is rubber bonded to metal. Now with the increase of ethanol in most gasolines, the bonding of the manifold gives way in the older Victory models.. I had it replaced at the dealer and they replaced the spark plugs for $350.. My Hammer is just that again, hammering the roads as it should.

I posted this incase any one else experiences this. A tip off will be your plugs very black indicating your bike is running rich..





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