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As a newbie to the victory 106, can anyone give me an idea on what to expect by was of oil consumption I.e top ups??? I've done 2000km and she ain't used a drop.. I know with HD's you could expect a regular to up between service but what about these might engines??

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I've never needed to add oil to mine.

Thanks for responding Andy..
Matter these engines are the ants pants and then some..
I would have expected to use a little bit going through the run in process but using none is brilliant! By the way mate you have a grouse looking hammer! Love the paint!

Cheers Muz....I've had this bike 2 years and, financial considerations aside, at present I would not swap it for any other bike. I am close to motorcycling nirvana. Well, for the moment, anyway.

I've owned three of these superb machines and have never seen the dipstick telling me to add oil. Mind you I've never exceeded the speed limit either... Seriously though some of the boys have covered 80,000 kms on their bikes and oil usage has never been an issue that I have heard of. Just enjoy your bike to it's fullest capabilities.

I guess I could add to that that I've given mine a fair caning at times....I've seen close to 200kmh and given it a fistful on numerous occasions down the twisty bits on the Oxley Hwy.

That's fantastic!!! Best thing I ever did was to get angry back in December when a hammer blew me off at the lights. Two days latter I was at Melbourne Victory for a test ride!!! My HD was traded in that day!!! God bless Polaris

I agree with all above.  Doesn't use oil and can blow off standard HDs (not the hot ones!).  Whether to power up the Vision is the next decision.

Good stuff man.. I swear my hand slipped off the clutch the other day as I left a set of light's and my HB's front wheel came off the ground!!!! Scared the shoot out of me!! But

Oil change at intervals,none of that topping up shit here,remember they are Victory motorcycles not that other brand that marks it's

Hear hear Phil!! I have a safe warm glow consuming me...thanks Lol



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