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Ran out of gas last night with a gallon left in the tank according to the digital readout.  Happened once before when fuel pump went bad, but not making the same noise this time.  Also, when the fuel pump was changed out, the rubber tank liner was flaking off and clogging the pump screens.  Anyone else ever have this problem?  Rick

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Clean your tank out real good and reline it they have this product in J&P Cycles to do it yourself that should fix the problem of the original liner material flaking off.

Thanks Donald, I haven't had the problem since, although I did find out that my digital gas guage does not go below .08 gallons.  that's when the gas light should come on, so now I just have to pay attension when to gas up

Your welcome , if you have any ? at all about anything you can get ahold of me on here, i check in here every couple of days.If i don't know the answer to somthing i know people that do. Ride safe out there. D



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